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Spain considering using drones to monitor border fences with Morocco……


That would be wise…

Keeping unwanted individuals out of your country should be the primary duty of any sovereign nation, maintaining enough personnel to throw back mad rushes to the border is necessary as well, not just using drones.

Spain eyes drone patrols to control border fences

Spain’s interior ministry is considering using unmanned miniature aircraft to patrol weak spots along the border fence at its north African enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla.

José Antonio Nieto, the Spanish Interior Ministry’s secretary for security, this week confirmed interest in enlisting airborne surveillance at Spain’s land borders with Morocco.

Just days after hundreds of migrants forced their way into Spain by scaling the border fence, Nieto visited Aeorum, one of Spain’s leading drove developers, to discuss the idea, reported Spain’s ABC newspaper.

The use of drones equipped with heat-detecting cameras could provide early warnings of groups gathering to mount an attempted assault on the fence and ensure extra security forces were called in to prevent it.


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