Apostates From Islam Islam Debate ISLAM IN CANADA

Apostate from Islam Saudi woman asks whether she can criticize Islam in Canadian mosque…….


Where Islam is in the minority….perhaps, but where they reach parity or a majority…..eh no.

Sandra Solomon reads an open letter to the Toronto Masjid

For those who do not know, there is a lot of recent history at this mosque. A protest was made in front of this mosque last week, which the press reported with all the honesty of a hungry reptile working for Pravda during the Cold War.


There was no actual interviews, video or photos or representation of the protestors at all. Just a blanket condemnation with the usual cultural-Marxist adjectives and concepts. The members of the mosque were ‘victims of islamophobia’. It was Orwellian.


Then it was revealed what this mosque actually teaches. Videos that have now been seen over 100,000 times each on one mirror of them alone.


Suddenly the RCMP dropped the hate-crimes charges against the protestors. But have not launched them against the imam.


Today, Sandra Solomon came in to the mosque during an open-house, presumably held to try and mitigate the damage the videos did to their taqiyya.


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