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‘Reformed’ jihadi supposedly lifts lid on Islamic State jihadis’ non-Islamic lifestyles……..


It doesn’t matter if they’re acting devoutly or not, they’re waging jihad which in their view wipes away all sins.

This is pablum for the confused and ignorant. Islam by itself is one major contradiction after the other. Understand that, and you’ll understand what they do and why they do it.

Reformed jihadist lifts the lid on hypocrisy of ‘devout Muslim’ ISIS supporters

A FORMER Islamic jihadist has called out ISIS sympathisers for hypocrisy after revealing that many are addicted to drugs, porn and violent video games.


Irfan Peci turned his back on Muslim extremism and became an informer for the German intelligence services.


He then put pen to paper and recorded his experiences in an explosive book called ‘The Jihadist, Terror made in Germany’.


His book he lifts the lid on the criminal behaviour of men who claim to be devout Muslims and exposes ISIS supporters as hypocrites guilty of breathtaking double standards.

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  1. Don’t forget, another thing that is forbidden by “submit” (islam) is alcohol. Yet, lot of the times when there is trouble they are described as “under influence”. Two faced retarded 7th century mentality cult will now try to kill him as they do to all the others who leave and tell the truth.

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