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Hilarious clown’s shoes media: How dare the WH ban us……!


Oh how the news media love that call to the White House and the press room, when it doesn’t come, out come the whines and complaints, followed by tears and then the knives. Remember though, in order to be effective the knives they use can’t be made from clown rubber.

‘Un-American’: CNN anchor Jake Tapper condemns the White House for BANNING news outlets from Sean Spicer’s press briefing

CNN anchor Jake Tapper took the opportunity to condemn the White House on CNN's The Lead

  • White House Press Secretary canceled a planned on-camera briefing like those lampooned by Saturday Night Live
  • Instead he hand-picked who could ask him questions in his office – banning CNN, The New York Times, the BBC and 
  • Fox News – which was allowed in – reported that Spicer said: ‘We invited the people that we thought we wanted in the room’
  • CNN anchor Jake Tapper has hit out at the White House, calling actions ‘petulant’
  • His boss used CPAC conference to lash out at ‘fake news media’ and derided the ‘Clinton News Network’ 
  • Defiant CNN say: ‘We’ll keep reporting regardless.’ 

CNN anchor Jake Tapper has hit out at the White House after media outlets were banned from attending an off-camera briefing on Friday.

Tapper took the opportunity to condemn the White House on CNN’s The Lead, ahead of his a report on President Donald Trump’s speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

‘It’s not acceptable, in fact it’s petulant,’ he fumed. ‘And indicative of a lack of basic understanding of how an adult White House functions.’

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