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Netherlands: Muslim terrorist suspect possibly planned to murder present Prime Minister…….


Thanks the PM’s delusional policies, this kind of varmint felt that he could actually get away with it.


Information about Prime Minister Mark Rutte and military airbase Volkel was found in the home of 23-year-old  Eindhoven terror suspect Hasan A., the Public Prosecutor revealed in court on Thursday. Hasan A. is standing trial on suspicion of preparing for terrorist actions, AD reports.


A. was arrested in Eindhoven last summer when he was caught driving around wearing a balaclava. When the police searched him, they found a taser, a knife and tie-wraps. They found videos ISIS beheadings on his computer, as well as collected information about Prime Minister Rutte and an air force general working at the nearby Volkel airbase. There were also photos of the airbase, with circles and arrows indicating how best to approach it.


“We found no concrete plans to murder people on A., but we suspect him of preparing for terrorist activities”, the prosecutor said at the high security court in Rotterdam on Thursday.


A. was previously convicted of violent crimes. According to the prosecutor, he also tried to attack security guards while in custody.


More here.  H/T: Fjordman

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  1. You can never ever trust these Muslims Islam is ingrained in their skin bones it runs in their blood. Anyone who is one of them should perish

    1. Think of all the future apostates you would be condemning. I say speak the truth about Islam, let these people know just how fooled they’ve been by their destructive ideology.

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