Muslim Criminality MUSLIM SETTLERS Sweden

Brave Swedish journalist Chang Frick challenges Swedish media/political status quo on Muslim immigrant crime…….


This guy should get the Swedish equivalent to the Pulitzer Prize.

We know that’s not going to happen, they dump on him, call him a nazi, bigot, Islamofauxbe and racist and relegate him to the outer darkness (where he actually is, he lives among these people) with the wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Donald Trump is correct – I live in an immigrant area in Sweden and it is not working well


SWEDEN Is Sweden having major difficulty handling the immigration? Yes. Looking out the window of house my house in a migrant dominated area is all I need to see the problems. Almost every evening cars are set on fire and police officers are attacked by criminal gangs. However, it is underreported by the Swedish mainstream media.

There are many claims about the state of Sweden. The mainstream Swedish media, which is very liberal, presents one side. We do not have any major conservative news outlets, such as Fox News, in Sweden, so there are no major proponents of the opposing side. Instead, there are an ”alternative” media outlets, some more serious than others. Some of them may be based mostly in fake news. However, you wont get the whole picture from the Swedish main stream media either. And you may even be mislead as to specific facts.


My name is Chang Frick and I run the news outlet Nyheteridag. I have been reporting on current events in the Swedish suburbs. I spend a great deal of time on the scene with my camera, taking photographs and recording video. Everything in the video above is produced by me. In addition, I live in ”Hallunda”, a neighborhood in southern Stockholm. It is dominated by immigrants, mostly people from the middle east.


I see myself as a libertarian and if I could choose the American president i would choose Ron Paul. However, regardless of my personal political opinions, I always make an effort to report my stories correctly, factually, and precisely. When I do an article about events in immigrant areas I call the police and ask questions. I am always careful to give a fair representation of those I interview and accurately record my quotations.


When I talk to people on the scene, I ask what they have seen or heard. I never ask them what they think is going on, only what they know is going on. I always check how they know it. Did they see it themselves? Do they have any recordings? etc. It is basic journalism, we have to check our stories very carefully. I am not perfect, everyone makes mistakes, but I put a great deal of effort into correct reporting.


My news outlet is not very big, but I get a lot of Swedish traffic whenever time I report on events in the suburbs. My readers trust my reporting, and some are politicians. Critics claim that I am producing fake news, but no evidence has ever been given to back up these accusations. Of course, people are more than welcome to look for mistake in my reporting; it will just push me to do even better.


I will make some claims based on my experience of events in Sweden. I am writing this in response to Donald Trump’s recent comments about Sweden.


1. You can’t get the whole picture reading Swedish MSM


The main stream media in Sweden is usually not lying or reporting direct falsehoods, although it still happens on occasion. Even when it does occur, it is usually a result of error rather than malice. Large news outlets publish many stories every day, so naturally you can find some wrongdoing every once in a while. This does not mean the main stream media is a fake propaganda-machine. Their claims are generally true. In addition, they will usually include citations.


However, the mainstream media in Sweden is not giving the whole picture. They do not report some issues. This is not lying, but it is deceptive. Because of this, I built my own news outlet, where I address the issues the mainstream media ignores.


There is a great deal happening in the Swedish suburbs. In fact, it is totally out of control. I’ve seen it myself many times and have talked to a multitude people living in these areas. After all, they are my neighbors.


2. No, there are no recent terror attacks


Some people think there has been a terror attack in Sweden because of what Trump said. This is untrue. There haven’t been any attacks for several years now. It have happened once six years ago but nobody, excepting the terrorist, was killed. However, Sweden does have an issue with terrorists traveling to Syria and Iraq to join the Islamic State.


These terrorists are radicalized and recruited in Sweden. The exact statistics are still unclear, but estimates put the number in the hundreds. Many of these terrorists return to Sweden after their participation in Syria and Iraq. Are they dangerous to Swedish society? Well, it only takes one person to create a tragedy such as Nice or Berlin.


3. Are there no go areas in Sweden? It depends who you ask


Some claim that it is extremely dangerous to enter specific areas of Sweden. The term being used in Sweden is ”no go zones”. I live in an area often described as such. I can go outside and take a walk at any time without incident. However, many people don’t feel safe in the area. This includes security personnel, police officers, and car owners.


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  1. Kära, men unga och oerfarna, modiga svenska journalisten Chang Frik, jag vill berätta för mig att Sverige lär sig Rysslands erfarenhet och i synnerhet Ataman Ermak, som visste helt bra hur det är nödvändigt att leva bredvid muslimer, så att det inte finns någon ömsesidig vrede och terrorism.

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