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UN: Boko Haram recruited 2000 children in 2016…….


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Boko Haram has recruited 2,000 child soldiers – UN

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) says Boko Haram recruited about 2,000 children in 2016 as child soldiers.


UNICEF Executive Director, Anthony Lake, disclosed this during a meeting of global leaders in Paris, on the anniversary of the Paris Commitments to end the use of children in conflict.


According to Lake, it was difficult to ascertain the number of children used and recruited, because of the unlawful nature of child recruitment.


“For instance, since 2013 an estimated 17,000 children have been recruited in South Sudan and up to 10,000 have been recruited in the Central African Republic (CAR).


“Similarly, nearly 2,000 children were recruited by Boko Haram, in Nigeria and neighbouring countries, last year alone, and there have been nearly 1,500 cases of child recruitment in Yemen since the conflict escalated in March 2015.


“We cannot give up the fight to end child recruitment,” the UNICEF chief said.


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