Bashar Assad Rape Syria

Syria: Women tell horrifying stories of rape and torture so cruel they passed out……in Assad’s jails!


This is but par for the course for the followers of Islam 101 (basic Islam), regardless of affilaition…..



‘He hung me from a pole and forced my legs apart’: Horrific stories of women imprisoned by Syrian government who are raped and tortured so often that guards pass out birth control pills

  • The full extent of the crimes against women in Syrian prisons was revealed in a report by the London School of Economics
  • Each day, women are dragged from their cells to be tortured and raped 
  • Violence is systematic and so frequent that guards pass out contraceptive pills
  • The Syrian regime denies normalizing rape and abuse as a way of interrogation procedure and punishment for men and women in its prisons 

Women imprisoned in the jails of the Syrian government are sexually assaulted and tortured every day, according to a new report.

Each day, women are dragged from their cells to be tortured and raped, sometimes hung from a pole in the ceiling where they’re assaulted for days.

The assaults are punishment for offences as minor as having a picture of the revolutionary flag on their phone, the report says.


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