Honor Violence Islam in France

France: 17 y/o Chechen brother stabs 15 y/o sister for being too Western…….


Ten years in the country and they still behave like they’re in the Middle East…..

Also worthwhile to mull over, is the fact they’re Chechens, not Arabs, yet they behaved in the exact same way as them. This is the result of Islamic culture, non-Muslims coming from the Middle East, though living there for centuries, do not have this mentality engrained into their psyche.

A 17 year old stabs his little sister in his sleep for a history of flouting honor

By Pascale Boucherie , France Bleu Loire Ocean and France Blue Thursday 16 February 2017 at 18:27

In Gorges (Loire-Atlantique), near Clisson, a 17-year-old boy stabbed his 15-year-old sister on Wednesday morning. She miraculously survives. It was for a history of flouting honor.

At first, the big brother says he wanted to kill his sister and then he retracts and assures that he just wanted to scare her.


Stabbed for having a Facebook account, wearing jeans and has a boyfriend


His little sister, educated like him, is 15 years old. She has a Facebook account, wears jeans and socializes with a boyfriend, and in this family of Chechen origin who arrived in France ten years ago, this apparently does not happen. There was a real discrepancy between the way of the life of the mother, who never goes out, and that of the daughter of the family.


This generates tension so much that the son awakens with a start , at 6 am Wednesday morning, he gets out of bed, seizes a knife and stabs the sister in her sleep . The blade sinks 5 cm under the shoulder blade.


The cries awaken the father, who brings the teenager urgently to the hospital in Clisson. Rescue workers finally informed the gendarmes. They pay a call to the big brother at home. He was to be presented to a judge in the evening of Thursday. He could be detained at the EPM (the juvenile institution) in Orvault.


More in French. H/T: TROP

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