Denmark Fighting Back

Danes Party activists place flyers in mailboxes advocating flight departures of Muslim settlers, outrage ensues…….


Those ‘evil’ Danes…..

So by default, what the detractors of those passing out these flyers are saying, no matter what we/our chosen politicians in government do, you are not allowed to voice any opposition to. If you do, you’ll be hounded as racists, bigots xenofauxbes, there shall be no dissent whatsoever. That sounds pretty totalitarian to me.

The flyers were made to look like one-way airline tickets “to the strangers/foreigners in Brøndby Strand, with love [from the] Danes’ Party. 
The “airline ticket home” was designed to show a flight from Copenhagen Airport to “Langtbortistan”, which roughly translates to “Far-away-istan”. It also included an Arabic text reading “have a good trip home”. 

Danish nationalists slammed for distributing ‘racist’ flyers to residents’ homes

The far-right Danes’ Party (Danskernes Parti) is once again generating headlines thanks to a controversial stunt clearly meant to provoke.


The party, which caused an uproar in September by distributing cans of hair spray re-labelled as ‘refugee spray’ and was criticized in March for what many considered to be racist bus ads, has tried to capitalize on the latest national debate on Danishness by distributing fake plane tickets to residents of Brøndby Strand.


The Danes’ Party, which was founded by a former neo-Nazi and enjoys only marginal support, distributed flyers to Brøndby Strand postboxes that one resident told The Local made her too scared to even check her postbox.


More here.


NOTE: The US Democrat Party was founded by racist slave owners, not one European media outlet reminds its readers about that when referring to them in any article.

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