100 UK bound Muslim settler descend into massive brawl…….


So this is what’s called co-existence and cultural enrichment……

TERRIFYING BRAWL: 100 UK-bound migrants involved in violent clashes at motorway rest stop

A VICIOUS brawl broke out between more than a hundred Britain-bound migrants on Monday night leaving six people badly injured.


The fight between rival Eritrean and Sudanese gangs was reportedly sparked by an argument over a “strategically located piece of land” – which both sides tried to claim – that “quickly escalated out of control,” an anonymous police source told AFP.

The fight took place near a motorway rest area in Steenvoorde, a northern French town located some 25 miles from the Grande-Synthe migrant camp, which is home to thousands of undocumented migrants.

Britain-bound trucks often stop at the Steenvoorde rest area on their way to the UK.


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