Islamic misogyny ISLAMIC STATE Islamic terrorism Niqabs and Burqas

Islamic (nazi) State murders two girls for not wearing the full facial…….


Then there are their apologists in the West insisting it’s a ‘right’ to wear these oppressive garments.

Daesh Kill Two Girls In The East Of Mosul For Refusing To Wear Niqab

Mosul / NINA / Daesh killed two girls from the eastern area of Mosul by silencers, according to a military source

The source told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that “Daesh opened fire by silencers at two girls in their twenties for refusing to wear the veil (Niqab).

The source added that the Daesh militants are broadcasting information within the popular neighborhoods in the eastern axis of killing girls who are removing the Niqab and put make up in front of a crowd of citizens and Iraqi forces. ”

He said that the security forces transferred the bodies of the two girls from the Algiers region, to the forensic medicine./ End

NINA News via TROP

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