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Hungarian President Viktor Orban: “Globalist Elite’s open-door immigration policies will crush the people”……


That is the intention of the political elites (neo-aristocracy), to dismantle nation states in a move that literally invites tribalism into each state. It’s regressive politics in the extreme. It’s what the EU is based upon, the fake country of Belgium.

‘You will CRUSH the people’ Hungarian PM slams ‘GLOBALIST ELITE’ for open-door migration

HUNGARY’s anti-establishment prime minister has blasted the globalist elites for encouraging mass migration which will “crush the will of the people” and replace Europe’s existing population.

Viktor Orban claimed the “lords of globalist politics are not searching for the fault within themselves… but are instead blaming the people and nations” following the rejection of mainstream politics which manifests itself in the Brexit vote and Trump’s presidential victory.
He said: “They have decided they will not surrender their positions, but will crush any will of the people that opposes the open society and liberal governance.

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