Danish lawer gets serious police protection to interview leader of BLM (in Denmark!)…….


Vlad Tepes Blog: 

Danish lawyer and reporter returns to the People’s House to try and interview BLM leader

Many of you may have seen the video we posted last week where a Danish lawyer and reporter went to a sort of community centre in Copenhagen and got chased away by gangs of leftists and muslims screaming both “Nazi” and “Jew” at him.

Rasmus, the reporter, went back to the same place, this time with serious police protection, and tried to get an interview with a woman who formed a chapter of Black Lives Matters for Denmark. A curious club as there was no history of slavery in Denmark of black people at least, and all the black people who are there have come voluntarily for a better life than they had in black countries. Also there is no history of police shooting black criminals.

Below, is a video of what happened at that attempt for clarity.


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