Fighting Back Islam in Australia ISLAMIC STATE

Islamonazi from Australia becomes first to loose his citizenship for being in terror group……


The rest of the West needs to do the exact same thing, citizenship is a privilege, not a right.

Khaled Sharrouf first Australian to lose citizenship under anti-terrorism laws – reports

Islamic State fighter and dual national believed to have been stripped of citizenship under laws which passed parliament in 2015

Islamic State fighter Khaled Sharrouf, who gained infamy after his young son was pictured holding a severed head, is believed to have become the first dual national stripped of Australian citizenship under anti-terrorism laws.

A spokeswoman for the immigration minister, Peter Dutton, told Guardian Australia on Saturday an individual had been stripped of citizenship under anti-terror laws which passed parliament in 2015.

She declined to name the person but the Australian newspaper reported it is dual national Sharrouf.

He went to fight with Isis in Syria in 2013, a year after being released from prison for his role in a terrorism plot.

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