Open borders ‘refugee rights’ group upset over fast deportations…..


While the rest of us applaud while asking why it took them so long to do it….?

Refugee rights groups criticize plans for faster deportations

Federal and state governments want to significantly expand and accelerate deportations of rejected asylum seekers, but human rights organizations oppose the plans.
 Refugee rights groups criticize plans for faster deportations
Representatives of federal and state governments are set to discuss plans in Berlin proposed by Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday for speeding up deportations. 

The plans include creating federal deportation centres for asylum seekers who have no chances of being granted protection in the country. The plan also would provide greater incentives for people to leave voluntarily, such as receiving more money the earlier they decide to go.
But human rights groups like Pro Asyl have criticized the plans.
“It is problematic because the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) will conduct expedited procedures in violation of standards,” Pro Asyl leader Günter Burkhardt told DPA.
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