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Finnish MP’s still in meltdown over Trump, with morons tripping over each other to condemn him……


The entire political spectrum here is frothing at the mouth in indignation and wallowing in sanctimony.

Only a Finns Party MP, Juha Eerola said “I’m not not surprised by Trump’s recent actions. That somewhere in the world politicians keep their election promises.”

Even I’m against any protectionist measure, I’m a conservative, free market (classical liberal) with Libertarian economic views, but outside of the Finns Party, you’ll find very few Finnish politicians who agree with Trump’s suspension of immigration from only 7 Muslim states. They’ll pepper their diatribes with ”Western values” and ”rule of law” when they really don’t believe in any of those things whatsoever when you begin to pick apart their ideology. They are nothing more than a collection of Marxists of varying stripes, and neo-statists, they are not for individual liberty and sovereignty.

Thursday’s papers: MP concerns about Trump

Finland’s biggest daily Helsingin Sanomat asked MPs representing all of the country’s main parties about their thoughts on the new US president. In less than two weeks since his inauguration, Donald Trump has managed to spark several protests, implemented constitutionally-questionable executive orders and raised the eyebrows of world leaders.

MP Pekka Haavisto of the Greens party told HS he thinks the “Donald Trump effect” will likely change the US’s efforts on climate change, saying that environmental issues would suffer.

Regarding Trump’s executive order to ban the entry of all people from seven predominantly Muslim countries last week, Haavisto likened the move to the days of US Senator Joseph McCarthy during the Cold War.

In the 1950s McCarthy led an effort to cleanse the US of all communist sympathisers and supporters.

Haavisto said Trump’s ban – which is effectively against Muslims – doesn’t agree “with our understanding of American values,” the paper wrote.

Finns Party MP Juha Eerola said he was not surprised by Trump’s recent actions, saying that somewhere in the world politicians keep their election promises.

Eerola says he does not condemn Trump’s ban – and that Finland has no reason to be worried about Trump’s reported close ties with Russia.

“Throughout my short life it has been said that the biggest threat to world peace is that the Russian and US presidents don’t get along. Now the biggest threat seems to be that they are too close to each other,” Eerola told the paper.

Social Democrat MP Nasima Razyar said that if the Trump administration continues as it has these past days it would be “terrible.”

The Afghanistan-born and dual passport holder Razmyar said Trump’s ban on people arriving from the countries of Syria, Iraq, Iran Yemen, Libya, Somalia and Sudan “doesn’t make any sense.”

National Coalition Party MP Pertti Salolainen said he was concerned about Trump’s protectionist agenda and said the situation doesn’t look good from the European point of view. He also said that he is greatly concerned about Trump’s scepticism about the United States’ role in NATO.

Christian Democrat party chair and MP Sari Essayah said she could not understand the country-specific travel ban.

When countries decide whether or not to grant asylum to an individual, Essayah said, each person’s case must be specifically addressed, she said, citing international agreements.

Swedish People’s Party MP Eva Biaudet said Trump’s entry ban was a slap in the face to the entire world.

“No one should be discriminated against on grounds of nationality or religion,” she said. “Trump goes against all this.”

Centre Party MP Elsi Katainen said she hopes that Trump’s practices do not spread around the world, saying it is important to avoid the notion that such actions would now be acceptable. She said that while she understands in principle that each country can decide whom to accept into their countries, it is important to defend the values of humanity – and to stick to agreements made in international treaties.


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