The Obamas slum it up in the hood on Branson’s private island……


Trying to stop the bloodshed/carnage the street of Chi-town for this street organizer not so much of a priority….

EXCLUSIVE: What travel ban? The Obamas hang out with billionaire host Richard Branson and his daughter Holly during second week of their holiday on his private Necker island

The Obamas are eight days into their tropical holiday in the British Virgin Islands, and yesterday they made it off Necker Island with their billionaire host Richard Branson.
The former President and his wife, who travelled from a long weekend in Palm Springs to the islands on Branson’s private jet last Monday, were spotted on a neighbouring British Virgin Island enjoying lunch with Branson (left) and his daughter Holly (top right).
Later in the day, Barack and Michelle, were caught on camera all smiles and waiving to people (bottom right) who were standing behind security guards as they walked together with Branson on the sand towards a waiting helicopter nearby.
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