Islam in Austria Niqabs and Burqas

Austria: Centrist coalition government planning full face veil ban……

Pure cosmetics, what should be banned is any future immigration from Muslim countries due to the mindset of those people.

It’s not the color of the ears that matter, but what travels between them. Muslim 101’ers belong to a political party called Islam, an ideology of political theory of military conquest. There is no moral imperative to allow people with the potential of upending your society to suit theirs, into your country. Period.

Austria plans to ban the Muslim face veil in government bid to counter far-right opposition

The term used would apply to the burka and niqab, which cover all or most of the face. It was not immediately clear whether the ban would include non-Muslim garments

Austria is planning to ban the Muslim face veil in public places, the centrist coalition government said today as it announced a package of policies aimed at countering the growing appeal of the far-right opposition Freedom Party (FPO).

The FPO has topped opinion polls for months, boosted by Europe’s migrant crisis and the influx of large numbers of often Muslim asylum seekers, and last month its candidate came close to winning Austria’s presidential election.

ith a parliamentary election due next year, Chancellor Christian Kern of the centre-left Social Democratic Party (SPO) is trying to regain the political initiative by forging a swift agreement with his conservative coalition partner on a package of measures ranging from immigration to education.

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