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Germany: Six year sentence for 16 y/o Islamic (nazi) State sympathizer……..


A life long career in crime awaits him……


Six-year imprisonment for 16-year-old IS sympathizer in Germany

The young person from Hanover stabbed a policeman with a kitchen knife. They failed to flee to the terrorist Islamic state in Syria.

The 16-year-old IS sympathizer, Safia S., was sentenced to six years of juvenile detention because of a knife attack on a police officer in Hanover.

The Celle Supreme Court sentenced him on Thursday for murder, dangerous assault and support for a foreign terrorist organization.

The trial took place because of the youthful age of the defendants, who were 15 years old, to the exclusion of the public.

Mohamad Hasan K., 19 years old, was condemned to a juvenile sentence of two years and six months. The court sees it as proven that he knew that Safia S. was planning the deed and wanted to support the IS. He had taken their plans seriously, but the planned act was not displayed.

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