Donald Trump Finland

Women (Leftists and other miscreants) march in Helsinki against Trump……

Women’s March demonstration in Helsinki showed a Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler poster. (PHOTO: Jussi Nukari / Lehtikuva )

The usual collection of miscreants and malcontents….

Women marched against Trumpia in Helsinki: “These issues affect not just the Americans”

 Lissu Moulton (left.) And Heta hallmark and his friends organized a march for women within a few days.
Helsinki is one of the cities in the world which organized the Women’s march.

Around the world today on Saturday, a march has been organized under the name of Women’s March, for women who defend, among other things, women’s rights and environmental protection. The timing of the date being just after the inauguration of the new US President, Donald Trump is not a coincidence.

The very last moment a march was organized in Finland. The organizing of the Women’s March in Helsinki event ocurrred to Lissu Moulton on Monday in Helsinki . She asked a few friends, and in a few days the arrangements were made and the speakers and performers were reserved.

– I think that we share with many a certain hopelessness of the situation in the world, Moulton said before the event started.- These things do not just Americans. For example, climate change directly touches us too.

She summed up the essence of the event p with a slogan, “When there’s nothing you can do, you can not just do nothing” – When you can not do anything, you can not just do nothing.

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