Finland Hate Speech laws

Finnish gay politician fined in court for criticizing and warning about Islam is unrepentant, insists he’ll do it again……


And we all should be ready to support him when he does…..

Finland LGBTI politician escapes jail but is fined for inciting Islamophobia

Former Big Brother contestant Sebastian Tynkkynen, of the right-wing Finns Party, is unrepentant about his online comments

‘I am ready to post the same warnings to Facebook’


In a statement sent out to the press after the verdict, Tynkkynen appeared to be unrepentant.

‘The freedom of speech in Finland doesn’t look very good for LGBT people. In 2013 Finnish imam Abbas Bahmanpour compared homosexuality to incest and told in live TV-show, that gays should be punished to death. If that isn’t incitement, what is then? Bahmanpour has never been challenged with his thoughts in court.’

‘My right to defend Finland as a society, where human rights and gender equality come true, should be bigger than the right of Muslims to not be hurt when I criticize their religious teachings to kill gays.

‘The whole Europe must wake up, when violent teachings of the Quran are coming true. We must start loving our beautiful values and say no to Islamization of Europe. This 300€ charge won’t stop me for warning Finland and Europe about Islam.

‘Next time when I have enough money to express my political views again, I am ready to post the same warnings to Facebook.’

Tynkkynen’s supporters on Facebook have said they would help him pay his fine, while others have congratulated the court on its verdict. Tynkkynen has been widely condemned by many in the LGBTI community in the past for his right-wing views and postings on social media.

He is the fifth Finns Party politician to be convicted of online hate speech.


More here. H/T: Snaphanen

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