France: Leftist presidential hopeful under fire for ‘cautious stance’ on taking in refugees during migrant crisis…….


The dopes, the crisis hasn’t abated, and what goes for ‘caution’ in France on Muslim settlers flooding the country is deemed as open borders by other countries.

Presidential hopeful Valls slammed over migrant policy

Presidential hopeful Valls slammed over migrant policy
Photo: AFP
Former French premier Manuel Valls came under fire Sunday for his cautious stance on taking in refugees during the migrant crisis, in a fraught second debate of leftwing candidates for the presidency.
Valls, who quit President Francois Hollande’s government last month to stand as a candidate in the primary, was accused of only admitting a few thousand migrants during his time in office.
“I get the feeling that the French people were much more generous than their leaders,” said Vincent Peillon, a former education minister who is considered an outsider in the contest.
Another candidate, Benoit Hamon, told Valls that France had a duty to “show its values, especially when it comes to migrants and refugees”.
Valls hit back that “an open-ended policy (of accepting migrants) is not possible”.
“I think France was right to follow this policy and history has proved us right,” he added.
The influx of more than one million asylum seekers — mostly from war-torn Syria — into the European Union in 2015 triggered the worst refugee and migrant crisis on the continent since World War II.

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