Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Obama anti-Israel

Israel angered over Obama’s US role in rigged Paris ‘peace talks’…….


This is not about any ‘peace’, but about trying to straitjacket Israel in a cockamamie scheme that strengthens the Islamonazis who call themselves ‘the Palestinians’ without ever changing their long term goal, the destruction of Israel.

This is also about trying to box Donald Trump in with ‘world opinion’ after they grant this or that to the Arabs. What they don’t realize is that Trump can’t be counted on to care for ‘world opinion’.

Israel furious as US joins ‘rigged’ Paris peace talks

Israel furious as US joins 'rigged' Paris peace talks
US Secretary of State John Kerry arrives in Paris on Saturday. Photo: Alex Brandon/AFP
The US will join the international community in Paris on Sunday in a new push for peace in the Middle East, just five days before Donald Trump, who has vowed unstinting support for Israel, takes office.
Foreign ministers and representatives from around 70 countries will seek to revive the moribund Israeli Palestinian peace process, which could be dealt a further blow if Trump implements a campaign pledge to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.
Neither Israel nor the Palestinians will be represented at the conference and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has dismissed the talks as “rigged” against the Jewish state.
The Palestinians, in contrast, have welcomed France’s bid for the conference to reaffirm global support for a two-state solution to the seven-decade-old conflict. Peace efforts have been at a standstill since April 2014.
On Saturday, Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas warned that acute tensions could boil over again if Trump moved the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
“Any attempts at legitimising the illegal Israeli annexation of the city will destroy the prospects of any political process, bury the hopes for a two-state solution, and fuel extremism in our region, as well as worldwide,” Abbas said during a visit to the Vatican.

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