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Meet one of the officers who shot the truck driving Islamonazi dead…….



Officer who shot car-ramming terrorist: ‘I wasn’t the only one who shot.’

Scene of the attack (Photo: AFP)

Lt. Maya Peled, who opened fire on the terrorist who carried out a deadly vehicular attack in the capital, recounts chilling incident, explains that only once the terrorist began reversing over his victims was she certain that it was an attack; ‘Lots of people took part in the shooting in a cool headed manner.’
Lt. Maya Peled, who shot the terrorist responsible for the truck-ramming attack in Jerusalem on Sunday that killed four and wounded 17, recounted the harrowing events on Monday evening, saying that she was not the only one who opened fire.

“I heard a gunshot from someone, I don’t know exactly who, which stopped the truck. I went down to the lower stair of the bus and shot in the direction of the terrorist, toward his window. There were also cadets on the side who found cover and there were those who also shot. I was not alone. I really wasn’t,” Peled said.Speaking after attending the funeral of Shira Tzur in Haifa who was killed in the attack, Peled was commanding a group of soldiers standing next to the semitrailer when the attack took place, and was lightly injured as a result. Erez Orbach, Shir Hajaj and Yael Yakutiel were also laid to rest on Monday.


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