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Islamic (nazi) State banality of evil: Toddlers used to shoot prisoners……


They keep dipping their bucket into the cesspool of unimaginable thoughts…..

Sickening new ISIS video shows TODDLERS shooting prisoners dead in a ball pit and cutting their throats at an abandoned children’s playground

He then aims the gun at the prisoner's head, who has been tied to the side of the ball pit

  • The video shows a child walking across the an abandoned ball pit in Syria
  • He then stands in front of a prisoner who is tied to a fence and is handed a gun
  • The toddler then aims the gun at the prisoner’s head and seems to pull trigger

A sickening video appearing to show a toddler shooting a prisoner dead in a ball pit in Syria has been published online by Islamic State.

In the video, the child is seen walking across a ball pit, full of broken plastic balls, towards a prisoner who is tied to a fence by his wrists.

A man then hands the toddler a gun, and he is seen aiming the gun before seemingly pulling the trigger.

The footage then ends just after a shot is fired.

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