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Finland: Secular values debated in Helsinki refugee center, security stops Somali from attacking secular Muslim……


Commenting on an article about Dutch Kurd, Celal  Altuntas, receiving death threats for demanding Muslim asylum seekers and other migrants to take responsibility for themselves in their host countries, I received the following comment by an asylum seeker in Helsinki named Jalil:

Jalil: It’s not surprising for me. Even here in Helsinki when I was in reception center and we had a debate about the secular values of this society and how we refugees should adopt to it and how religious intolerance has messed up our countries etc. a somalian muslim guy straightway tried to attack me but luckily there were security guys present on the spot.
The point is not about how these newcomers should adopt to this society or accept the open secular values but for me the most challenging thing these days is to start a debate about it without being labelled racist, Islamophobic, conservative, fundamentalist etc. from the so-called ”western left” or sjw’s.
So it’s a tricky situation for people like me when it comes to start these kind of discussions because you will face threats from Islamists and blames from the powerful political left which leave me only one option ”to keep my mouth shut”


If real refugees were of this mindset, and in measured amounts, most people defending our societies from the current Islamic hijra would not be upset nor protesting against their arrival. It’s Leftist morons in Finland like the one in this picture who embolden Islamonutobs to think that we all owe them something, when we really don’t.


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