Cultural Enrichment Malmö

#GardenofSweden: Authorities considering ban on fireworks after cultural enrichers (Muslims) shoot them at crowds of people on NYE…….

Here’s the video of the event that went viral:

Ban on rocket fireworks proposed in Sweden after New Year’s chaos

The style of fireworks targeted in the proposed ban. Photo: Thomas Johansson/TT
A ban on the sale of rocket style fireworks, limits on sales periods and clearer rules on when fireworks can be used have been proposed in Sweden following instances of rockets being shot at the police, trains and public around New Year’s Eve, which gained widespread attention in the country.

Fireworks industry organization Sveriges Fyrverkeribranschförbund is also in talks with authorities over a ban on the general public using rocket style fireworks.

According to the organization, the first step would be a sales ban on rocket fireworks constructed around a stick and propellant charge. The second step would be, should Sweden’s Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) agree, to introduce a ban on the public using rockets in order to prevent illegal imports and purchases of them which could otherwise occur.

More here.

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