Finland: Huge jump in number of sexual offences committed by foreigners…..


Lets be clear here, they are not being committed by ethnic Europeans…..

The overwhelming majority of these crimes are being committed by Muslim settlers. I guess this didn’t work afterall:


Huge jump in the number of sexual offenses committed by foreigners suspects: 202% and 64% – “It’s affirmed …”

The economy – STT4.1. 5:56updated to 4.1.

The percentage of foreigners accounted as suspects in all police reported crimes decreased last year compared to 2015. Instead, sexual crimes by foreign suspects reported to the police have increased.

Growth in the number of sexual harassment reported crimes grew by 202 per cent and about 64 per cent in rape crimes. Police STT compiled data have been compared with January-November data, as of December of 2016 data is not yet available.

Police Inspector Måns Enqvist says it is not yet possible to assess whether the growth in share of foreigners suspected of sexual offenses  is to the fact that in 2015 there was a great number of asylum seekers in Finland. Asylum seekers in Finland are more than 32 000 people.

“If we were going to a lot of people who are not integrated in Finland and who are forced to live in overcrowded reception centers, it is clear that disorder occurs and crimes are then committed.”

More here in Finnish @ Talouselämä.fi

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