ISLAMIC STATE Islamic terrorism

Islamic (Nazi) State calls on “Western sons” to launch brutal attacks on New Years eve…….

To those of you who still feel the usage of the term “Lone Wolves” somehow diminishes the impact of large Islamonazi terror groups, well, your mistaken.

It’s a tactic first employed by al-Qaida to offset massive losses to their top-down, centralized organizational structure. It’s a means by which they can attack indpendently of each other in pursuit of the same goals with a reduced chance of capture and taking down entire cells. Read Lori Lowenthal Marcus’ piece from three years ago: “The Online Jihadi Mein Kampf”

ISIS call on ‘Western sons’ to launch BRUTAL attacks on New Year’s revellers

ISLAMIC State jihadis have urged their Western “sons of Islam” to launch brutal New Year’s attacks that will turn party venues into bloody battlefields.

ISIS made New Years threats on Westerners


ISIS-affiliated media group, Nashir Media Foundation, posted a series of terrifying images on an encrypted channel which encouraged their cowardly supporters to seize the momentum Anis Amri created following the Berlin Christmas attacks, in which the Tunisian hijacked a truck and brutally murdered 12 Christmas shoppers.

In one image, a knife-wielding militant chases a ‘Santa on the run’ under a threatening caption which read: “You disbelieving dogs which prepared for Christmas celebrations.

“Be ready for shedding the blood, scattering the shreds and funerals, for the eyes of caliphate lions are looking straight towards you and promise you with bitter deaths.”

The terror network is calling on militants in the West to take part in ‘lone wolf’ attacks in variety of public venues including cinemas, malls and hospitals.

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