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Germany: Ethnic Turk Commissioner for Integration says Muslim violence “caused by unemployment”……

The question remains, why would you want to import people who resort to violence, even horrific violence, ”because of lack of employment”?

Young refugees ‘must be integrated quicker to prevent violence’

Young refugees ‘must be integrated quicker to prevent violence’
Aydan Özoguz. Photo: DPA
After a group of young refugees from Syria and Libya were arrested for the attempted murder of a homeless man, the government’s commissioner for integration has called for action.

“It is important that they quickly receive supportive measures and training so that they are not just hanging around doing nothing,” Aydan Özoguz told Funke Media Group on Thursday.

Özoguz made her remarks after six Syrians and a Libyan between the ages of 15 and 21 were charged with attempted murder after they set fire to the clothes of a homeless man who was sleeping in a Berlin U-Bahn station on Christmas Eve.

The 37-year-old man was not injured after bystanders rushed to put out the flames.

The crime was abhorrent and no attempt should be made to justify it, Özoguz said. But she added that “such crimes won’t be prevented if we decide to stop helping refugees stand on their own two feet here.”

“We all need to work as hard as we can to give them contact points in our society.”

André Schulz, chairman of the Federation of Criminal Investigators (BDK) said that a lack of opportunities was leading some young refugees into crime.

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