EU Statism

EU delusion: Marxist wannabe (fake) EU president says “more Europe needed to stop terror”……..

When you understand the statist mindset, you then can understand the megalomania, hubris and downright lunacy of the Left and neo-statist Right.

The very same masterminds, geniuses that push for more centralization of concentrated power for Brussels, are the ones that have bequeathed to us the mess we are all in. They actually expect us to believe that they’re the ones most unequally qualified to get us out of it. Just imagine your investment manager after repeated years of devastating losses, demanding that you trust him yet again to “right your sinking ship”, that “he’s the only one qualified to help you”.

NOTE: These are the very kinds of people the Framers of the US Constitution feared, and created as many firewalls in the founding document to protect the citizens from.

How to stop terrorism in Europe? Create MORE EUROPE, says deluded Brexit chief

EUROPE-FANATIC and wannabe president Guy Verhofstadt has called for ‘more Europe’ in the wake of the Berlin terror attack.

The candidate for president of the European Parliament has called for closer integration and cooperation on the continent following the brutal attack in the German capital which left 12 dead and 48 injured.

Mr Verhofstadt, a chief EU Brexit negotiator said this was a prime example of why the European project should be relaunched.

The former Belgian prime minister said: “It was an attack on Germany and an attack on our liberal, European values ​​and ideals.”

“The only answer to terrorism is more Europe.”

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