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Fatah thanks UN members for giving it ‘permission’ to kill Jews

Fatah movement publishes threatening, violent image thanking 14 nations which voted for anti-Israel Security Council resolution.

Gary Willig, 26/12/16 02:44

Fatah thanks UNSC nations for giving it permission to kill Jews

Fatah thanks UNSC nations for giving it permission to kill Jews

Palestinian Media Watch

Fatah’s official Facebook page posted a picture of “Palestine” last week. The picture includes the entirety of Israel painted in the colors of the PLO flag, being used to stab the word “settlement,” Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) reported.

The text above the image reads “#Palestine will defeat the settlement.”

After the UN Security Council unanimously voted to adopt a resolution condemning any and all Jewish presence over the 1949 armistice lines, Fatah published an updated version of the same picture, this time with the words “thank you” added above the names of the 14 countries which voted in favor of the resolution. A puddle of blood was also added to the bottom of the picture.

According to PMW, the image shows that “Fatah is saying more Israelis will pay with their lives as a result of the UN resolution.”

The US is not mentioned, despite its abstention having been the factor which allowed the resolution to pass. The US broke with its long-standing policy of vetoing one-sided resolutions at the Security Council and allowed the resolution to pass unopposed.

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