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Also, who really gives a flip about what the parents think about how their jihadi son was dispatched from the land of living?

Nephew of Berlin truck killer Anis Amri is arrested ‘for being a member of his terrorist cell and planning to join him in Europe’ as family say killer should not have been shot dead and must have had an accomplice

  • Tunisia’s interior ministry said killer’s 18-year-old nephew Fedi was among two arrested today
  • They are suspected of being linked to a terror cell, and Fedi had been set to travel to Europe 
  • Authorities in Spain are also investigating links between Amri and a suspected extremist 
  • Nour El Houda Hassani said she wants ‘the truth’ about her son
  • Brother Abdel Kadir has questioned the need to kill the terrorist 
  • The family had urged Amri to hand himself in when he was named as a suspect
  • His sister described him as ‘so sweet all the time’
  • Amri left Tunisia in 2011 to escape a jail sentence for vehicle theft 
Amri's mother Nour El Houda Hassani said a 'great secret' died with her son, who was gunned down in Milan yesterday

Amri’s mother Nour El Houda Hassani said a ‘great secret’ died with her son, who was gunned down in Milan yesterday

An 18-year-old nephew of Berlin truck terrorist Anis Amri has been arrested in Tunisia, amid claims he is part of a terror cell and planned to travel to Europe.

Police swooped to arrest the teenager, named as Fedi, and two other jihadist suspects.

A statement from Tunisia’s interior ministry said the three were members of a ‘terrorist cell… connected to the terrorist Anis Amri who carried out the terrorist attack in Berlin’.

The ministry said Amri had sent Fedi money to join him in Europe.

It is unclear whether the suspects helped Amri flee Berlin.

The interior ministry said Amri had sent money to his nephew and encouraged him to pledge allegiance to ISIS.

‘One of the members of the cell is the son of the sister of the terrorist (Amri) and during the investigation he admitted that he was in contact with his uncle through (the messaging service) Telegram,’ it said.

Amri allegedly urged his nephew to adopt jihadist ‘takfiri’ ideology and ‘asked him to pledge allegiance to Daesh (IS),’ it said.

He told police that Amri, using an alias, sent his nephew money through the post office to join him in Germany to help him and join the terrorist network he headed.

The Tunisian prosecutor’s office has ordered all three men held in pre-trial detention pending further investigation.

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