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Obama has crashed the US on purpose like the terrorists before him did to flight ’93 in Stonycreek Township (near Shanksville) Pennsylvania on 9/11.

Part of his “fundamental transformation” was the lowering of the U.S. on the international stage, showing unprecedented deference to leaders of despotic states while trashing the citizens of his own country and its traditional allies. I am glad that Hillary Clinton and her cabal of leftards are not taking up residence in the White House this coming January.

While I have my beefs with the incoming president on some key issues, there’s a lot of good things he’s going to do, and he stands heads and shoulders above both Obama, Clinton(s) and the rest of the Democratic Party (which is no longer an American party, but something else, something alien to the American tradition).

NOTE: I will support the good policies by this new president with all I’ve got, while giving constructive criticism when he gets it wrong. I’m not a sycophant, a cheerleader or a clapping seal, but a loyal American who reveres its constitution, to which all stand, or fall before it.

‘Deluded’ Obama has left the US ‘a lot WEAKER’ after a ‘disappointing’ rule, Farage claims

BARACK Obama has left the US “a lot weaker” after a “disappointing” eight years in office, Nigel Farage said in response to Obama’s final press conference.

Farage slapped down ObamaGETTY

Farage could not think of anything admirable to say of the outgoing US President Obama

Praising the American citizens who voted for the President-elect, a man he believes “gives a damn about ordinary people”, Farage accused Obama of “helplessly” watching the rise of ISIS which also contributed to his sliding reputation.

Appearing smug, the outgoing US President told reporters in the “most packed conference yet”, that it was indisputable for anyone to suggest that America did not benefit from his rule.

He said America was in a “stronger and more respected” position than it was eight years ago, and he was proud to leave the “situation for his successor”.

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