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Outside of being in Israel, if you travel to the Middle East, you are really placing your life in serious jeopardy.

I would advise anyone not to travel to Muslim countries, ever, let alone during WWIII with Islam.

Pictured: The retired Canadian school teacher who was among 10 people shot dead after gunmen took tourists hostage at a Jordan castle in ‘cowardly terrorist attack’

Canadian woman, Linda Vatcher (pictured), 62, was among 10 people killed when terrorists opened fire in what appeared to be targeted attacks against tourists and police, according to Canada's global affairs spokesman, John Babcock

Canadian woman, Linda Vatcher (left), 62, was among the ten people who were killed after ‘terrorists’ in Jordan opened fire in what appeared to be targeted attacks (right) against tourists and police on Sunday.

Seven police officers and two Jordanian civilians were also killed in the attack in Karak, a tourist destination famous for its castle about 70 miles south of the capital of Amman, according to Jordan’s  general security department.

At least 34 people were wounded in the day’s violence, which was one of the bloodiest attacks in Jordan in recent memory. Security officials announced late Sunday, several hours after reports of the first shooting, that the operation had ended and that four gunmen were killed.

Barb Rhymes, Vatcher’s cousin, said the victim was a retired elementary teacher from Burgeo, Newfoundland, and was visiting her son in Jordan where he works. Vatcher’s son, Chris, was also injured in the attack. Vatcher was a widow and mother to two adult sons.

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