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‘Production line of death’ Shocking images expose HUGE number of car bombs created by ISIS

SHOCKING images have uncovered the conveyor belt of devastating weapons created by heinous Islamic State jihadis.

ISIS splitConflict Armament Research

ISIS turned an entire street into a car bomb strip

The jihadis created a sophisticated system that enabled them to create tens of thousands of standardised mortars, rockets and explosives on an “unprecedented scale” and under strict quality controls.

Working with the Conflict Armament Research group who produced the report on ISIS arms, Hashim Ali, an Iraqi soldier said ISIS militants transformed the 16km long Mart Shmony street in southeast Mosul, into a production line of death.

The street which was once a “bustling thoroughfare” of car workshops and stores selling Turkish furniture, was now used by the jihadis to make armoured car bombs to blow up civilians and advancing Iraqi troops.

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