If it’s cold enough, perhaps they’ll seek warmer shores……

It’s the “humanitarian superpower” government of Sweden’s fault, for throwing out the welcome mat for hundreds of thousands of people and knowing full well that they’ll be taken at their word.

Homeless EU migrants sleeping outside Malmö school

Homeless EU migrants sleeping outside Malmö school
The lack of shelter for homeless people in Malmö has intensified since the destruction of the site at Industrigatan in 2015. File photo: Drago Prvulovic/TT
Homeless EU migrants have begun to sleep regularly in the yard of Malmö International School, reports Sydsvenskan.
Following the destruction of two camps last year, the lack of suitable shelter has intensified, according to the newspaper.
The principal and janitor of the school now often find themselves starting their day by waking migrants sleeping in tents in the school’s yard.
The situation is “clearly a cause for concern,” Principal Christina Hagelin told Sydsvenskan.
The school saw an increase in the number of people camping in its yard during the autumn, at first in sleeping bags under the open sky, and then sometimes using tents as the weather got colder, says the report.
A number of students witnessed police asking two people to remove their tents and leave the school yard on Wednesday.
“I think it was a neighbour that called (the police). But this is a recurring concern,” Hagelin told Sydsvenskan.
“It is tragic that it has to be like this,” added the principal.

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