Islamic anti-Semitism


Therein lies the nub of the matter…

The man speaking in the video admits that his parents were ”moderate” Muslims when they moved from Pakistan to the UK, but hated Jews. I would venture to say that that’s the mainstream of the Muslim world, not just Pakistan. They never shared a border with the Jewish state, nor ever interacted with Jews, they received their hatred via the koran and the hadiths. (Something that Zuhdi Jasser a.k.a. MoZj refuses to address)

So when I question Finnish immigration apparatchiks on Twitter, why should I be applauding the importation of Jew haters into the Finnish state? I’m left without a response. Quiet ensues. They can’t answer that question without undermining their ”good works”.

UPDATE (Monday, Dec. 5, 1:40pm EST): YouTube has entirely removed PragerU’s new video with Kasim Hafeez, (UPDATE: Now back online) a British Muslim who is a pro-Israel activist. In the video, Hafeez explains how he overcame the anti-Semitic indoctrination that radicalized him from an early age. Within hours of the video’s release Monday morning, YouTube flagged it for “hate speech” and took it down. PragerU is disputing YouTube’s removal of the video.

Please sign this petition to demand that YouTube remove its “hate speech” label on a video that is about fighting anti-Semitism!

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