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Goes to show just how far France is over the deep end, thinking that voting for a marxist could ever be considered “normal”.

French presidential candidate Francois Hollande dust up

How Hollande went from ‘Mr Normal’ to ‘Mr Most Unpopular’

How Hollande went from 'Mr Normal' to 'Mr Most Unpopular'
Hollande under the rain as he so often was. Photo: AFP
Private life scandals, stubborn unemployment, division, dithering, the constant rainfall… just some of the reasons François Hollande’s presidency did not quite turn out how he wanted it to.

French President Francois Hollande, who announced Thursday he would not seek re-election, said he wanted to be “Mr Normal” at the start of his time in office — but his four and a half years at the helm have been anything but.

Undermined by persistently high unemployment, a series of jihadist attacks that killed more than 230 people and a string of revelations about his private life, the Socialist’s poll scores made painful reading.

Hollande is by many measures France’s most unpopular post-war president — yet until Thursday many critics feared he genuinely believed he could still unite the left that has fractured in front of his eyes in recent months.

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