The Finnish injustice system is off its rails…..

Muslims belong to a political party called Islam, victimizing people for speaking honestly about Islam is tyranny, a violation of our unalienable rights. It’s political speech that’s to be protected.

Finns Party politician charged with incitement

Controversial Finns Party politician Sebastian Tynkkynen has been charged with incitement to religious hatred over Facebook postings about Muslims and Islam. Tynkkynen has denied the charges.

Sebastian Tynkkynen.
Sebastian Tynkkynen Image: Petteri Paalasmaa / AOP

Deputy State Prosecutor Raija Toiviainen has charged the chair of the Finns Party’s youth wing with incitement to ethnic and religious hatred and breach of religious peace. The charges were first reported by the Finnish news agency STT.

The charges relate to Facebook postings Tynkkynen made about Muslims and Islam. Tynkkynen is suspected of threatening, slandering and insulting Muslims based on their religion. Tynkkynen himself has denied the charges and says his intention was political, and that he wanted to defend western values.

Tynkkynen first came to prominence as a contestant in Big Brother, before entering politics. He secured election as chair of the Finns Party’s youth wing and as a member of the party’s board, but was suspended last year after launching a rebellion against the party leadership.

Consistently controversial, he has been a critic of immigration and of Islam, and once hit the headlines with an aborted plan to burn EU flags at a party conference.

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