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This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, that Muslim brotherhood operatives are deeply embedded throughout the West.


Under the guise of mutual understanding, co-existence, anti-radicalization and community outreach, the worst of the worst are presenting themselves as moderates and mainstream voices of reason. In truth, what the authorities, politicians, media and religious community leaders should be actually doing, is giving the likes of Omar Hussein and his Muslim Brotherhood staff, the stiff arm. There is nothing of use nor of good will that they can offer Finnish society other than drawing up tent stakes, and moving their gig back to the Middle East.

A little while ago I happened to come across an article by the CSP’s Kyle Shideler at the Counter Jihad Report, dated from Dec 2014:

Killer of British Soldier Trained In Muslim Brotherhood-linked Seminary

The European Institute of Human Sciences (EIHS) is directly tied to the Global Muslim Brotherhood as the UK branch of the France-based Institut Européen des Sciences Humaines (IESH), which is directly tied to the Muslim Brotherhood-linked Federation of Islamic Organizations of Europe (FIOE) according to the Intelligence digest Global Muslim Brotherhood Watch. EIHS openly lists the MB-linked IESH, FIOE, and the European Council on Fatwa and Research (ECFR) as “useful links” on their website. EIHS was noted for its troublesome times to Qaradawi  as early as 2005, causing the University of Wales to sever its ties. Despite these known connections, British police referred to the school as having a “moderate ethos” and a government report concluded that the attacks could not have been prevented. Nor was this school’s first run in with terror ties:

Courses run by the European Institute of Human Sciences draw on the teachings of Egyptian Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who the Home Office is currently deciding whether to ban from Britain. Politicians have demanded an investigation into the school as questions grow over its allegiances. Principal Kadhem al-Rawi is an acquaintance of Magdi al-Nashar, the chemist arrested on suspicion of involvement in the 7/7 London bombings. Mr al-Rawi paid tribute to him following his arrest last week, describing him as having “a great personality”. And one of the school’s trustees Ahmad al-Rawi has declared British troops are a legitimate target for Iraqi militants. More here.

The article kindled an interest to see exactly what organizations and Muslim individuals are connected with the Muslim Brotherhood linked institute. One name that popped up was, Omar Muhammed Hussein, who is spokesman for the Islamic Society of Finland. This is the same spokesman who hosted Finns parliamentarian Laura Huhtasaari at the ISF mosque, the second oldest one in Finland.

Porilainen perussuomalainen Laura Huhtasaari oli elämänsä ensimmäistä kertaa moskeijassa. Isäntänä oli yhdyskunnan puheenjohtaja Mohammed Hussein Omer.

The other leader of the mosque, Anas Hajjar, a regular speaker in the Finnish media on any topic related to Islam (including terrorism), delivered a complete reading of the koran on state radio. So yes, a Muslim Brotherhood linked operative, Anas Hajjar, had read the complete koran, on YLE, with Jaakko Hämeen-Anttila (left), an academic who translated the koran into Finnish in 1995.


Anas Hajjar (sitting with Shiite Imam Abbas Bahmanpour) in America visiting with the American Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR:

Image result for church blasphemy punishment stock finland

The European Institute of Human Sciences (EIHS) is a part of the Anna Lindh Foundation, the  Finnish branch is headed by Omer Mahamed Hussen (somewhat different spelling but the same guy).

General Information: 

Welcome to the Finnish Institute of the Faculty of Arts
We are one of the most extraordinary Islamic education centers. The institute was established in order to teach the primary level, of the Arabic language and Islamic spiritual and scientific research. After graduating our students have a solid understanding of the smooth reading of Islam and the Koran, writing and conversation in Arabic and the Koran as well as in traditional Arabic.

His name appears at the bottom of the Muslim Brotherhood linked page.

In a YLE article (in Finnish)published in March of 2015, the same man was interviewed about countering ”radical extremism”:

Muslims fight against “internet imams” – this is how the mosque is talking about extreme Islamism

Finnish Muslims have begun to work for the prevention of religious extremism. For example, the Helsinki Islamic community has started to organize seminars for dialogue about radicalization and terrorism. For the Muslims the key is a moderate Islamic teaching and youth work.


– Islam does not accept in any way violence, racism or terrorism. Where does extreme thinking come from? Maybe it’s from a bad education, misunderstanding of things. We want to strengthen the mainstream of Islam, Hussein says.


– Many Finns do not know what is happening inside the mosque. This (discussion) could be a channel to obtain consensus: “Hey, come inside and see what we have and what are our opinions,” urges the President of the Islamic Society, Omar Mohammed Hussein.

YLE. (in Finnish)

Well of course this sounds just fine to the untrained ear, a supposed moderate wanting to intervene and keep members of their community from being radicalized, but when you fully understand what Islam is, you realize you’re being played for a fool. Especially when you find out that other institutions of learning have cut ties with the moderate sounding European Institute of Islamic Human Sciences.

The principal of the college claimed that the decision was driven by the university not wanting “any trouble with the news or newspapers”. The college has previously come under the spotlight after it emerged that books written by controversial cleric Dr Yusuf al-Qaradawi were held in the institute’s library.  More here.

Omar Mohammad Husein has created other organizations (here) as well, for who knows what, but you can be assured that it’s for the advancement of Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood.

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