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Mohammed Omar

Mohamed Omar

On 17 October Islamic morning devotions were aired on Swedish Radio. The title was “The provocative faith” and it was provocative. The small sermon, held by Sema Ekinci, was that Muslims should under no circumstances compromise on their faith. Instead, it is Swedish society that needs to adapt.

It is not the fault of Muslims in Sweden refusing to take an outstretched hand. No, the fault lies with the Swedes who feel insulted. Sema says that her faith prohibits physical contact between the sexes and urged her fellow believers not to budge an inch, but to preserve the religion and its cleanliness, at whatever the cost. After sufficient endurance Swedish society will eventually give in.

Sema should ask herself why her refusal to accept an outstretched hand provokes. Is it malice? As many have been called Islamophobic? Or is it that you actually understand what her refusal means? It means she puts her religious dogma before the Swedish customs. And these religious dogmas also come from a religion that has never been part of Swedish culture and history. You experience it as bold and insensitive. Rightly, I would say.

Sema says that it is wrong for Muslims to compromise on their religious beliefs to make other people happy. That is to say it does not matter if her refusal to accept an outstretched hand offends anyone. She does not care. What is important is what she thinks her prophet Mohammed has claimed.

Muhammad said: “I do not shake hands with women.” And Muhammad is a role model for many Muslims who take their faith seriously. That one should not shake hands because the contact with the opposite sex can lead to temptation, explains Muslim theologians. Another reason is that it loses its purity and therefore can not perform the ritual prayer until you have purified themselves again.

I wonder: what other of the Prophet Muhammad’s instructions, taking Sema as seriously? In the same collection of texts  where you can read this, you can also read that women are stupider than men, that a wife must obey her husband or else he may possess her, and that adultery should be punished by stoning. Sema think that these texts are just as real as the text of the handshake? If not, it would be interesting to hear how she reasoned it. Because we’re supposed to preserve the religion intact and clean, right?

In addition to morning devotions Sema is committed to the Islamic Commission by Vice-President of the Academy of Islam. It is headed by the strict Sharia believers Malmo-Imam Salahuddin Barakat. When the former Minister Mehmet Kaplan had to go because of their frequent contacts with Islamist, anti-Semites and Turkish fascists Sema wrote for Salahuddin an article in the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet to defend Kaplan.

The defense was that Kaplan’s departure could lead to Muslims becoming more extreme. When young Muslims feel marginalized, they write, and when they feel they can not change their society by democratic means, they may be tempted to join jihadist groups.

What the two authors seem to say is that Muslims want to change society in the Islamic direction. If they can not implement these changes democratically, by representatives like Kaplan, they will have to resort to violence and join the jihad.

Covert threat? Perhaps. Uncomfortable otherwise. And Sema is fronting the same thought in her morning devotions. She tells of a young Muslim man who has become bitter because of attitudes. He knows that he will be questioned as a Muslim when he refuses to take a woman’s outstretched hand. It has made him ever more extreme and intransigent, says Sema.

But why not listen to the criticism? Maybe it’s something in it? Now we live in Sweden and it will be easiest for everyone if the Muslim minority adapts, rather than the Swedes, who have not asked to be Islamized, should do it.

Also: how many cultures and religions should Swedes adapt to? The Swedish culture, Swedish customs, is the least common denominator of all, there are the customs we have in common. When a foreign practice collides with a Swedish one, the Swedish prevail. I do not require that the Sema should greet everyone she meets, but she should take an outstretched hand.

When the Swedish people have shown such great generosity by receiving more asylum seekers per capita than any other European country, and done so much for them, the least good thing that Muslim immigrants can do is take an outstretched hand instead of to deliberately hurt anyone just behaving as they should in this country and do not have any sexual intentions.

Remember, Sema, if someone had told you that she did not want to take your hand because you are a Muslim? Would you had not been provoked? For the Swede, it is difficult to see any difference in the attitude and your own attitude. For the Swede, it’s not a given that Muhammad is the wisest man who ever walked on this earth and that his words are true. Most Swedes have lived for more than a thousand years without knowledge of Muhammad. We have managed well, actually better than most countries that celebrate Muhammad.

Unfortunately, Sema. But I feel I must tell you, that it does not matter if you and the fellow believers who are just as fundamentalist as you, refuse to adapt yourself. Swedish society will never be Islamic. We are a secular country with a thousand years of Christian history and is part of the highly successful Western civilization. All you are doing is hurting your fellow men and destroying your own mood.

If you really want to help your brothers and sisters in Islam should help to reform your religion by opening up a critical discussion of the Koran and the Prophet Muhammad’s teachings. There’s a lot there that is inhumane, unscientific and women’s oppression. You have the chance, you who live in the West where we have freedom of speech, to do something useful for the world’s Muslims.

More here in Swedish H/T: Ingrid Carlqvist

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  1. Islam is simply a belief system invented by a gangster called Mohammed. The belief system is designed to produce more obedient slaves of Mohammed and it is designed to outbreed all other belief systems. It is devastatingly successful, in the same way as communism was devastatingly successful for a while. In the same way as communism and all other criminal gangs, Islam does not allow disagreement with its leader and punishes dissent with death.

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