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These jackasshats are everywhere trying to impose their warped views upon the rest of us, and those of us who disagree are racists. This is Stalinist bull crap.

“Gender is just one feature among many features. The idea of continuous over-emphasized mentioning of it is to give your child the significance of gender roles. “

No, it’s to brainwash these children into believing the delusional individual choices that people make for themselves are in fact “normal”, or risk punitive measures if they refuse. This is very sick stuff, the cultural marxists never stop, they’re always on the move to over turn the existing societal norms in pursuit of their utopian nirvana.

Teachers could be soon no longer talking about girls and boys in school, only first names


The beginning of next year, Finnish schools will no longer be talking about girls and boys, if the recommendations given to schools are realized.

At least we should not talk about it. It is related to the gender equality plan, which will be mandatory in Finnish comprehensive schools.

The Board of Education has drawn up its implementation to facilitate the practical guide , providing suggestions on how gender equality can be added to education. It starts as early as pre-school education.

The guide states, inter alia, that the children, it is important to speak with children, but not as a set of “girls” and “boys”:

“Gender is just one feature among many features. The idea of continuous over-emphasized mentioning of is it is to give your child the significance of gender roles. “

“In the past, schools have been able to share things unnecessarily, such as girls and boys own food queues,” says Counsellor Satu Elo National Board of Education.

The change is part of an international development:

For example, in schools in the Australian state of Victoria  there will be at the beginning of the year training program named “Respectful relationship”. Victoria is Australia’s second largest state, whose capital is Melbourne. Concerns have been reported on, for example, the BBC and Mashable .

A training program has been compiled by the Australian Our Watch, which is an organization struggling against and intimate partner sexual violence. It also oversaw the Victoria pilot project.

The purpose of the program is to dismantle gender stereotypes and preventing domestic violence. To this end, education is recognized in strict guidelines.

Primary school teaching materials must include photos with the girls and boys involved in housework, hobbies or sports and in the same work and same occupations, such as fire fighters or as secretaries.

The stories must be given concrete examples of gender stereotypes dissipative. They are told that the girls are allowed to play football and to act as doctors while the boys can cry when they are hurt and take care of babies.

Secondary school students are taught, what do the terms panseksuaali (does not want to define their sexual orientation to cover only some of the sexes or do not experience sex as an essential interest in setting), cis-sexual (indicates the sex innate their gender characteristically) and transgender (experience of their own gender is not responsible for gender as defined at birth).

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  1. Well yes, but ‘gender equality’ certainly isn’t going to play well with Sharia at all. Maybe Muslim women might think it’s really okay.

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