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I’ve always said that it’s entirely irrational for Sweden’s political elite to insist upon maintaining a cordon sanitaire on the Sweden Democrats -a legitimate political party that insists upon promoting its agenda entirely through democratic means- while at the same time insist that Israel sit down with the homicidal/genocidal maniacs of Hamas and Fatah, to reach a political settlement.

The boycott of SD may not be above everything else

Josefin Utas. Photo: Private


Sweden is facing major problems. In this mode, the select existing parties are spending time on the SD boycott instead of collaboration and action to develop Sweden. It is sad, writes Josephine Utas and Ilan Sadé.

To agree with someone or a political party in a matter of fact way and cooperate, does not mean you agree with them on all other issues. This simple conclusion can be understand by any ordinary human being. But not our nations politicians.

This weekend Jan Björklund, leader of the Liberals, sent an overture in the media that he felt that the Sweden Democrats still might want to participate in the bloc talks between the parties.

The result was not long in coming. In the ranks of the liberals came discord because of the opening lead. Left Party leader Jonas Sjöstedt wondered how things are with Björklund’s “compass”.Thomas Eneroth, group leader of the Social Democrats in parliament, felt compelled to write to the Conservative leader Anna Kinberg Batra in a Svenska Dagbladet debate to ensure that the wall against the Sweden Democrats will not crack.

Sweden Democrats is one of the seven other parties in Parliament that in recent years has been fought against in all unreasonable manner possible: by silence, dishonest arguments, scorn and derision, name calling and so on.

Now, the other parties have even embraced parts of SD’s politics, yet they continue this behavior.

It’s painful to watch the game and the squirming from the political parties side to rationalize something that really is irrational and emotional.*

Sweden Democrats should not be “normalized” it said. But those who normalized the Party (SD) are the voters who have chosen them in the democratic assemblies.

Rather than face the SD in the debate on substantive issues in a mature and respectful manner, the other parliamentary parties decided to keep each other in check through the guilt of the parties or persons showing signs of going outside the consensus, which states that SD is “untouchable “.

Sweden faces major problems in many areas, issues that really should have been addressed long ago. In this mode, the select existing parties spending time and energy on the above instead of collaboration and action to develop Sweden. Its sad.

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NOTE: * According to my Swedish colleague:

“The word “krumbuktandet” used here, is a word to describe someone trying to find any way or any argument to rationalise something that is hard to stand by. If you paint yourself into a corner with statements, and then at some stage you try to tell everyone that you made the right choices and decisions, with some very far-fetched arguments, thats sort of “krumbuktande”

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