Islam in Germany MUSLIM SETTLERS


History repeats itself, this time with Muslim settlers displacing the indigenous German population……..

And yes, flooding the country with millions more bona fide Jew haters after murdering +6 million Jews only a mere 7 decades ago, renders the promise of ”Never Again”…..hollow.

What distinguishes this settlement policy of the Multicoloured Republicans of today from the settlement policy of the Third Reich?

Dissolving the People

When Brecht penned his well-known lines in 1953* they were bitter irony, but today they are becoming a bitter reality: the German authorities are in the process of dissolving the people and electing another.

Many thanks to Rembrandt Clancy for translating and annotating this two-part piece from Politically Incorrect. Both parts are included here.

“By now even the most reluctant are beginning to open their eyes. An organized plan exists to destabilize Europe through migratory invasion.”

Roberto de Mattei.
From a migratory invasion to civil war”,
Corrispondenza Romana: October 5, 2016


by Rembrandt Clancy

C. Jahn of Politically Incorrect has made the state-sponsored extirpation of German ethnic and cultural identity in favour of imported ethnicities the subject of his two-part essay, “‘Umvolkung’: Exactly the Right Expression”. The occasion was a tweet by Christian Democratic (CDU) Member of Parliament, Bettina Kudla, in which she reproached her own party leader, Angela Merkel, and the party’s General Secretary, Peter Tauber, for deliberately covering up their policy of Umvolkung, a term which carries the echo, in reverse, of the National Socialist plans for absorption of certain population groups in Eastern Europe. The tweet puts her leaders on notice that she will not support this policy:

BK #Merkel denies it, #Tauber dreams. The #trans-ethnicisation [Umvolkung] of #Germany has long since begun. There is a need for action! [Politically Incorrect. 24 September, 2016]

In the days that followed the tweet, and subsequent to the publication of this essay, the windows of Bettina Kudla’s constituency office were broken and the building façade was smeared with a tar-like substance. Politically Incorrect (4 October 2016) reports that a well known “leftist terror-platform, ‘linksunten.indymeidia’” (indymedia), published a claim of responsibility for the incident:

Yesterday evening [Monday, 3 October 2016] we attacked the office of Bettina Kudla with dye and stones.

With her statements about the alleged “Umvolkung” of Germany Bettina Kudla has placed herself rhetorically alongside her comrades who encourage the racist bands of thugs and arsonists in their crimes and support them with arguments. With her reference to the myth of a population exchange in Germany, she provides legitimation to the murderous thirst for action of the fascists on the street. As a consequence she has become a target for us. Kudla wanted to get involved with the desk criminal Beatrix von Storch, who offered her a switch to the AfD [Alternative für Deutschland]. Meanwhile we have already bid her welcome.

Central to C. Jahn’s essay is the concept of “Umvolkung“. The term refers to the policy of complete structural transformation of an historically and organically matured ‘ethnic people’, a Volk, into another Volk who are the carriers of incompatible values. For the purposes of this essay, a Volk is not a population, a nation, an underclass or a mass; it is ‘a people’ in the sense of “a large community of individuals bound together through a common culture and history (and language)” (Duden). Also, especially given its place in German ethnicity and history, the word “Volk” and its compounds have a much different semantic weighting than its English cognate “folk”.

The prefix “um” (around) is what gives “Umvolkung“ its radical inversion in semantic polarity, the inversion of one Volk into another Volk, therefore also an inversion of values. A Volk is first and foremost the carrier of values and not blood. Now Friedrich Nietzsche’s expression, Umwertung aller Werte, the “transvaluation of all values”, represents his intuition that Western values were about to change into their opposites; for example, sanctity of life transforms into the ‘right’ to die and ‘freedom of choice’ into a euphemism for the right to kill; or in more general terms, the Graeco-Christian Logosof the West changes around (um), or more precisely, returns back to collectivism (Islam and neo-Bolshevism) — a revolutionary, albeit regressive anti-Logos. By virtue of the intimate connection between Volk and Werte, the transvaluation (Umwertung) of all values leads ultimately to a trans-ethnicisation (Umvolkung) of the people themselves.

We follow the established practice of rendering Nietzsche’s “Umwertung“ as “transvaluation” and translate ‘Umvolkung” as ‘trans-ethnicisation’.

Umvolkung” — Exactly the Right Expression!

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