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Very few would have problems with people (correctly) calling communists and neo-nazis, cockroaches.

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Muslims belong to the political party known as Islam, they, and their ideology are fair game for every kind (though personally I’m tactful in dealing face to face with people) criticism and mockery. Muslims are no more a race than the Republican Party is.

‘You’re like cockroaches’: Grandfather launches vile racist tirade at two Muslim students for wearing hijabs

  • Stephen Scatcherd, 59, launched a racist tirade at two students in Exeter
  • Kalsoom Naqvi, 21, was walking down the the street with her friend 
  • She filmed Scatcherd’s rant where he compared Muslims to cockroaches
  • He then challenged the pair to take off their hijabs back in May
  • Scatcherd ordered to do 100 hours of unpaid work and pay £170 in costs

A grandfather’s vile anti-Muslim tirade was filmed by the two young women he was racially abusing.

Stephen Scatcherd, 59, launched a racist rant at the girls for covering their heads, saying Muslims have invaded Britain ‘like cockroaches’.

At Exeter Magistrates’ Court he admitted using threatening and abusive language and was ordered to do community work.

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NOTE: It’s not the color of the ears that matters in the least, but what goes on between them that matters most.

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