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Sticking up for your own nation is now considered ”far-right”….

I’ve always maintained that helping those in real distress, would be better served in the creation of safe places near the areas from where they’re originating from. Inundating our societies with people who hold entirely alien perspectives and values to ours, while creating economic and societal dislocation, is pure lunacy.

‘That’s it, they’re coming’: Far-right French mayor sparks outrage with anti-migrant posters calling for referendum on allowing refugees to stay in his town

The official posters have sprung up all over the city of Beziers in southern France 

The official posters have sprung up all over the city of Beziers in southern France

  • Robert Menard put up anti-immigrant posters in Beziers, southern France
  • He wants to hold referendum on whether to accept migrants from ‘Jungle’
  • A year ago he stormed into a squat telling refugees ‘you’re not welcome’ 
  • He has also reportedly banned the opening of more kebab restaurants 
  • Beziers, in Languedoc, is one of France’s oldest cities, dating to 575BC 

A far-right French mayor has triggered fresh outrage after putting up anti-migrant posters and calling for a local referendum about whether to accept asylum-seekers in his city.

The posters, the brainchild of the Mayor of Beziers, Robert Menard, scream: ‘That’s It, They’re Coming’ and shows a Photoshopped crowd of migrants, all of them men, outside the city’s cathedral.

It says: ‘The state is imposing them on us. Migrants in our town centre.’

Menard, who represents the far-right National Front, says the posters are a reaction to government plans to relocate thousands of migrants from the notorious ‘Jungle’ camp near Calais to dozens of sites around France.

It is understood to have been heavily influenced by a poster used by Britain’s anti-immigration UK Independence Party, which showed a vast queue of migrants under the headline: Breaking Point.

Emmaus, a French group that works with migrants, said the poster was ‘nauseating’.

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Here’s a news report translated by Ava Lon and subtitled by Vlad

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