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I would say that this is indeed an act of jihad…..

TERROR WARNING: Horror as British school threatened with massacre of all non-Muslim pupils

A BRITISH school is facing a terrorist threat after a message was posted online promising to massacre non-Muslim pupils in the name of Allah.


School DoncasterGOOGLE MAPS

McAuley Catholic High School faces terror alert after worrying message posted online

We have our sights set on you, and by Allah we will kill every single infidel student at this school

Message posted online

The chilling post, which targeted McAuley Catholic High School, Doncaster, appeared on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

The message read: “We have our sights set on you, and by Allah we will kill every single infidel student at this school #McAuleySchoolMassacre”.

Counter terrorism authorities are now investigating the terrifying threat.

Doncaster schoolGOOGLE MAPS

The post threatened to kill every non-muslim pupil at the school in Doncaster

Parents have been informed and pupils at the school have been urged not to respond to the message.

The school, which will remain open, has released a statement which read: “The matter that has been reported is currently being investigated by the police.

“At this time pupils and parents are advised to not reply to any unsolicited emails or social media and to report anything of concern to the school/police.”

Police have been drafted in to patrol the school and a specialist officer will be present to give advice to parents, teachers and pupils.

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  1. The great pity is that Great Britain has a systemic hoplophobic response to firearms. If the parents had access to semi-automatic rifles and pistols, and access to proper training in their use, they could provide a proper defense of the school grounds in coordination with the local authorities while Whitehall decides how to respond. As it is, with relatively few armed police in the UK, in the event an armed muslim group does attack, there will be MANY more casualties than necessary due to the lack of a serious, armed response team. Unless, that is, an exception has been made and armed police are present at all times the school is occupied.

    Another issue is how long the armed police will be present, assuming any are present currently. Police cannot be stationed at one school indefinitely. What happens to that school, the staff, faculty and students if the threatened attack occurs AFTER the police presence is removed? If the parents had access to training and adequate arms, as I mentioned earlier, they could provide an on-going armed presence that, at worst, could delay an attack until police could arrive. But that option does not exist for the citizens of the UK. I will continue to pray that the UK comes to its senses before it is lost forever.

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