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  1. The second debate tomorrow. Trump will have to go into the debate with a primary aim (not the only aim), but the primary aim to expose Clinton for the total fraud she actually is.

    No use playing nice with this woman.

    Like nearly all progressive leftists, she is a hypocrite and a liar.

    Trump must turn the blow torch on the Benghazi tragedy – he must have all the details at his fingertips.

    And what about the Clinton Foundation and it’s workings? What about how the Clinton’s have profited big time from this money making enterprise.

    Time is passing – aika rintaa.

    Trump will continue to be smeared by the left wing mainstream media who have already decided that he is finished based on the audio clip released the other day.

    The bias in the print media and TV is just laughable.

    They think people are totally stupid.
    So he needs to take off the gloves and pummel this faker

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